Maserati Reliability Ratings

2020 Maserati Ghibli

A new or pre-owned Maserati vehicle is a pretty big investment, so many Hurst drivers wondering, “Are Maseratis good cars?” should investigate Maserati reliability ratings. Reliability ratings are a way of analyzing how much repairs and maintenance will cost you down the road. Momentum Maserati covers them and the resources you can use to save money on repairs below!

Are Maseratis Worth the Money? 

With their luxurious interiors and jaw-dropping performance specs, most people know the answer to the question, “Are Maseratis good cars?” is obvious. But what about repairs and maintenance? The Reliability Index gives Maserati vehicles a rating of 774.00 for 2019. What does this mean? Maserati Reliability ratings indicate that these high-end vehicles can have costly repairs. Fort Worth drivers worried about these costs should note the following: 

  • High-End Materials: Maserati vehicles come with extremely luxurious materials and parts. Check out parts tips to maintain their quality over the years to save on costs! 
  • Maintenance Plans: Prepaid scheduled maintenance is a great way to keep up with the maintenance schedule tailored to the specific needs of your vehicle.

At Momentum Maserati, we know there are not a lot of Maserati certified technicians out there. That’s why we’re proud to help Maserati owners across the Hurst area. Schedule service with us today!

Maserati Warranty 

If you’re asking, “Are Maseratis worth the money?”, you’re probably wondering about the value of the Maserati Warranty. It comes with every new Maserati in Arlington, complimenting the Maserati reliability ratings with a comprehensive plan. There are also options for extended warranties. Here’s what to know about it: 

    • New Car Warranty: The Four-year/50,000-mile warranty that comes with a new Maserati also includes Maserati Roadside Assistance. 
    • CPO Warranty: Are Maseratis good cars when you get them used? Certified Pre-Owned Maserati vehicles come with up to 2 years of additional coverage to the New Car Warranty, so there’s plenty of reasons to look into them. 
  • Maserati Extended Warranties: There’s more than one extended warranty option for Fort Worth drivers. You can get the regular Maserati Extended Warranty for an additional year of coverage. Or go for the Maserati Limited Extended Warranty for up to seven years of coverage! 

These warranty resources are one way to address the question, “Are Maseratis worth the money?”. And it’s important to find a service and parts center that uses OEM parts, so you can keep your Maserati in great shape!

Get Expert Maserati Service with Momentum Maserati

Whether you’re a Maserati owner in Hurst looking for high quality service or you’re looking into getting a Maserati, Momentum Maserati has Hurst drivers covered. Our technicians know the ins and outs of these luxurious vehicles, which is why we provide service tips. Contact us today to schedule service!

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