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If you’re like a lot of Arlington drivers, you appreciate the throaty roar of anew Maserati engine. You may already know that Ferrari made Maserati engines up until fairly recently. Who makes Maserati engines now? Which Maseratis have Ferrari engines? Let’s talk more about the history of these engines and which models contain a Maserati/Ferrari engine.

The Maserati-Ferrari Engine Rivalry

Maserati and Ferrari began their relationship as bitter rivals, soon after Maserati moved their manufacturing facilities to Moderna, Italy, where Ferrari was based. The old Roman road that divided the town even served as a sort of border between Maserati and Ferrari territories. In fact, in 1978, Enzo Ferrari wouldn’t even allow the President of Italy to visit the factory because he drove a Maserati!

The Maserati-Ferrari Engine Collaboration

Things changed between the two automakers when Fiat, who owned Ferrari, bought Maserati, then sold 50% of its stock in Maserati to Ferrari in the 1990s. Ferrari began taking over Maserati engine production around 1998, and produced every engine for its former rival starting in 2001.

Who Makes Maserati Engines Now?

Fiat eventually bought back its shares in Maserati from Ferrari, and Ferrari will end its Maserati engine production in 2022. After that, Maserati will handle production. It’s already developed one of its own engines, the Maserati Nettuno engine, which will debut in the upcoming Maserati MC20.

Which Maseratis Have Ferrari Engines?

So, which Maseratis have Ferrari engines? Nearly everypre-owned Maserati model produced since 2001 will have a Ferrari engine under the hood. There are very few exceptions, such as the 2013 Maserati Quattroporte. The current 2021 lineup of Maserati models all have Ferrari engines. So, Fort Worth drivers who are in the market for a new Maserati with a Ferrari engine should pick up one of these models before the model year changes:

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