Use Our Value Your Trade Tool to Answer “What is My Car Worth?”

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What is my car worth

If you’re thinking about trading in your car, you might have been asking yourself “What is my car worth?” Luckily, you can easily find this out by using the Value Your Trade tool at Momentum Maserati. One of many financial tools offered by your dealership, here is how you can estimate the value of your car.

How to Trade-In Your Car

So how does the trade-in process work? Well, it’s quite a simple three-step process:

  • Get an Accu-Trade Instant Offer: Use the Value Your Trade tool to get an estimate.
  • Confirm Your Vehicle’s Condition: Take your car to our dealership to have its value confirmed.
  • Trade-In Your Car: Exchange your current vehicle for a new or used car from us.

Our Value Your Trade Tool

Like many other dealerships, our dealership uses Accu-Trade, an online tool that estimates the value of your vehicle. Figure out how much your car is worth by entering the VIN, your vehicle’s make, model, and age.

In seconds, this tool will assess these factors and deliver an estimated value. Overall, factors like mileage, mechanical condition, special features, appearance, and the market will also be incorporated into your vehicle’s final offer.

Benefits of Trading In Your Car

Is trading in right for you? There are many benefits to trading in your car; however, the biggest plus is the money you’ll save on your new ride.

Our dealership uses the value of your trade-in and subtracts it from the MSRP of a new Maserati car. That you can save thousands on a brand-new luxury vehicle from us.

Visit Our Maserati Finance Center

Schedule an appointment at our Maserati finance center to meet with a representative and get started on trading in for a new Maserati car. Stop by today!

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